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Bont Z White

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Bont Z White (Boot Only)

  • Bont Z
    Bont Z

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Last Update: Tuesday 25th June 2024 (8:13am)

The Z is made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base. 
The carbon is sourced exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray in Japan.

In the front, air vents pump air into the boot which are built into the TPU protective bumper. The Z skate starts out being built around a last that has been modified and improved for over 35 years by Mr. Inze Bont.

The epoxy resin is the most heat moldable in the industry. Under the liner is a high quality memory foam that is 3mm thick and 50A in hardness so your energy doesn’t get absorbed by the boot.

-Carbon composite base 85% carbon, 15% fiberglass
-Epoxy resin
-TPU toe bumper
-Air vents including mesh
-Microfiber liner
-Microadjustable buckle
-Hand made monocoque construction
-EVA innersole
-Heat moldable tongue
-Waxed laces
-Lace cover

Bont Z
Bont Z