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Flying Eagle L8 Pink

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Flying Eagle L8 Pink

  • รองเท้าสเก็ต flying eagle L8
    รองเท้าสเก็ต flying eagle L8

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Last Update: Tuesday 26th September 2023 (10:46pm)
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The Flying Eagle L8 Lumafly

5-size extensible inline skates for children. The Lumafly skates are ideal to progress to the next level, and include a removable and hand-washable liner to keep the skates fresh for longer.

The skates are solid, resistant skates for all kinds of freeskating thanks to the one-piece aluminum frame.

Includes PRE-rockering frames, this means that the two bigger wheels at either end of the frame can be placed in the middle to convert them the into high-quality freestyle skates.

Comes with Laserwheelz LED flashlight wheels.

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Flying Eagle
รองเท้าสเก็ต flying eagle L8
รองเท้าสเก็ต flying eagle L8