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Matter Code White F1 110mm

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Matter Code White F1 110mm (1pcs)

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Last Update: Thursday 2nd April 2020 (10:27pm)
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This wheel is just made to turn left and go fast. Designed specifically for the intense world of high level track racing where the smallest split second can be the difference between first and second and fulfilling your potential and not.

Since it’s debut at the 2014 World Championships where Colombia’s Pedro Causil took a commanding victory it has been the wheel of choice for the world’s fastest skaters when they wanted to race on track.

Matter has optimized the wheel formula to work best on the vesmaco skating surfaces on which all world championships are held.

New for 2016, Matter has developed a wider radius which ensures the skater has more contact on the skating surface.
This means there is more grip and more comfort. This radius is perfect for skaters who are wanting the maximum performance and maximum grip.

HCT - Hollow Core Technology
Matter was the pioneer of HCT and sofar no other brand has been able to replicate this.

HCT is the reason that all Matter wheels have unrivalled roll.
By creating a hollow core Matter has been able to perfect the stiffness to flex ratio while at the same time keeping the whole wheel as light as possible.

USW - Ultrasonic Welding
USW refers to the process that Matter uses to weld the two parts of our hollow core hub into one. The process uses heat as a way to fuse the two sides of the core together. This means there is a super strong bond, that is event the entire circumference of the wheel.

The TR4 refer to the dimensions of the inner band used in Matter wheels. The TR4 is wider and used in our racing wheels to maximize grip and agility.

Use for: Track

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