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Matter G13

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Matter G13

  • Matter G13
    Matter G13

- 110mm - ฿6,500


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Last Update: Thursday 2nd April 2020 (9:38pm)
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1Pack = 8 wheels

Size: 110mm
Hardness: F1
Application: Track & Road racing

HCT - Hollow Core Technology
Matter wheels staked its reputation on HCT, it has been able to combine light weight with stiffness.

USW - Ultrasonic Welding
One piece HCT promotes a stiffer more consistent roll. In addition, USW allows us to keep our HCT while developing an entirely new Energy Management Technology system (EMT).
This is the first hollow core with energy management control, giving back nearly all the energy put in.

Matter have superior urethane and core work coherently in order to optimize roll, grip, wear and overall performance for indoor, road, track and marathon racing.

TR3 - Second generation Injection Molded Torus
A unique elastomer ring between the slip joint hollow core and the TR-3 providing necessary rigid support and additional rebound.

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Matter G13
Matter G13