Product - Pixel Light wheel Milky Pink (4 pcs)
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Pixel Light wheel Milky Pink (4 pcs)

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Pixel Light wheel Milky Pink (4 pcs)

- 68mm - ฿600

- 72mm - ฿600

- 76mm - ฿700

- 80mm - ฿700

- 64mm - ฿600


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Last Update: Monday 27th January 2020 (7:28am)
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Pixel light wheel, light up in the night for inline skating. Make good attraction in the night.

Good quality of PU material.

Using magnetic power to generate the light.

4 wheels in pack.

Size 64, 68, 72mm (600 Baht)

Size 76, 80mm (700 Baht)

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