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Seba CJ Black

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Seba CJ Black

  • Seba CJ 2016
    Seba CJ 2016

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Last Update: Sunday 20th October 2019 (11:36pm)

Celebrate CJ Wellsmore's achievements with the new CJ 10th Anniversary promodel skates. Check out their new outer layer's design and spot its symbols, which reflect CJ's personality. Experience the most advanced skates on the market and throw your best tricks!


CJ Wellsmore became World No.1 in 2013 with his promodel skates. In early 2015 he still remains the No.1

Loyal to the brand philosophy, all parts of the CJ skates are developed and tested with the involvement of our pro team members. CJ's promodel skate combines high performance, durability and comfort to create the best aggressive inline-skate on the market today.

On this renewed version for 2015, two major improvements were added:

  • Inner liner without stitching to prevent ripping.
  • Changable abrasive pad to prevent abrasion on the side.

Shell: Carbon + Fiber glass

Custom kits color available

Frames: Seba street UFS

Wheels: 60mm Grey/88A

Bearings: Seba Twincam MW9

Liners: Integrated stitching free

Use: Street

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Seba CJ 2016
Seba CJ 2016