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Shibui Swallow 31

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Last Update: Thursday 28th September 2023 (4:35am)

The surfskate swallow tail is the ultimate cruiser craving skateboard. Flexible front truck allows tight turns, pumping and cutbacks.

The Shibui Swallow Tail Street Surf Skate Complete
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase 18″
Length: 31″

Shibui™ The Swallow Surfskate complete - 9.5in wide 31in long 6 Ply Hardrock Canadian maple deck with 2 ply walnut top and bottom. Swallow 5" kick tail clear grip tape. Shibui™ surf trucks raw tumbling finish 6.25 inch hanger size (160mm) 95a bushing and Shibui™ "WAKA" cruiser wheels in smokey black - 65mm - 51mm 78A, 70% rebound.

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